June 3, 2011


Cannabis Marketing Group

Cannabis Marketing Group (CMG) has one sole mission; spreading the education about Cannabis and Hemp worldwide. We serve two types of clients; one, those who have a product that contains hemp or cannabis in them and seek to grow their marketing. Two, organizations who desire to educate the general public on the many uses of cannabis and hemp related products.

Our single minded focus allows us to leverage the industry expertise, resources and marketing muscle to the ever growing audience who is gaining knowledge about the various species of Cannabis plants.

CMG is Proud to Announce Joint Venture with CannaBank & Affiliates

May 10, 2011 – CMG today announced a joint venture with Cannabank and Medical Marijauna Inc. to provide marketing solutions for their companies and affiliates. This joint venture is one of many partnerships to continue education for hemp and cannabis worldwide. In recognition of this joint venture, CMG is currently in the process of restructuring the website to better reflect the partnership and services for current and future customers.

If you have any questions about this transaction and or our services please contact us.

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